In-Store Promotions That Deliver Result

In-Store Demonstrators

J&B specializes in putting our clients’ products into the hands of their consumers, Whether your audience is commuting to work, at the local watering hole, or attending community events,

Add glamour & fun while creating brand awareness

J&B Marketing And Promotions, offers a variety of product sampling tactics,

We Assist in concept & design of promotion and promotional setup

Great for Events, Tournaments, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurant, Company Meetings, or Holiday Events.

Who We Are?

J&B Marketing And Promotions

We are committed to our customers; Driven by one goal: To meet our clients’ marketing needs with the right people and the best talent for creating meaningful results; By demonstrating and sampling your product or service, Allowing consumers to interact with and learn about your brand Generating leads and sales.

J&B Marketing And Promotions

Promotions And In Store Event

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